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Kenyan county governments access data on locally relevant adaptation strategies


The Adaptation Atlas, with its insights on the efficacy of on-farm practices under various conditions, equips local government authorities with the data needed to formulate evidence-based climate change response plans.

Use Case: Empowering local governance with actionable information on adaptation options for climate action
Stakeholder Group: Government
Impact: Shape policy
KPI: 3 plans influenced
Geography: Kenya

Person in standing in a field of crops

Locally relevant data

Counties in Kenya are formulating strategies to make agriculture resilient against climate change. Local governmental authorities and multi-stakeholder platforms leverage the Evidence for Resilient Agriculture (ERA) dataset shown, in part, in the On-farm Solutions for Today Spotlight. These plans focus particularly on insights into yield and the resilience of management practices across various agroecosystems, to inform the creation of county-specific adaptation plans. These plans provide comprehensive blueprints for the future of agricultural progress under climate at the county level.


Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and Irrigation, Climate Change Unit; governments of Nyeri, Taita-Taveta and Kajiado counties; FAO–Kenya; United States Department of Agriculture–Foreign Agricultural Service; International Center on Tropical Agriculture (CIAT).

Featured image credit: ©2013CIAT/NathanRussell