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Key Concepts

  • Livestock
  • Investments
  • Hazards
  • Geography
  • Value of Production
  • Economics
  • Barriers to Adoption
  • Adaptation
  • Mitigation
  • Solutions
  • Responses


This spotlight focuses on livestock, a critical component of economic and food production systems in Africa. Because livestock are both at risk from climate change and a source of it, it is important to not only consider strategies for adaptation, but also mitigation. Use this Observable Notebook data tool to:

  • Explore the growth in different populations of livestock over time, along with their associated changes in Value of Production and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • See which countries would be most impactful to focus on given a particular weighting between adaptation and mitigation
  • Learn about specific, real-world solutions and the potential constraints to adopting them

Interactive Preview — Country Priorities

Use this map to discover where it would be most impactful to focus efforts on climate adaptation or mitigation.

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