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Key Concepts

  • Responses
  • Crops
  • Implementation
  • Management Practices
  • Benefits and Risks
  • Barriers to Adoption
  • Agroecological Zones
  • Production
  • Yield


This spotlight supports stakeholders in making informed decisions about viable adaptation practices and considerations for implementation. Use this Observable Notebook data tool to:

  • See an at-a-glance view of the breadth of research across adaptation practices
  • Compare the range of practices used on specific crops, their average impact on crop yield, and the variability of practice impacts across different agroecological zones
  • Assess the risk of negative outcome for practices applied to crops alone or in combination with other practices
  • Learn which factors impact adoption
  • Access relevant guides to implement practices

Interactive Preview — Risks of Applying Interventions

Certain agricultural interventions are less risky to implement than others. Use this chart to compare different interventions, where they are arranged by the probability that applying them would result in a higher yield.

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