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Image Credit: ©2013CIAT/NeilPalmer

Key Concepts

  • Labour
  • Heat Stress
  • Projections
  • Geography
  • Harvest
  • Structural Change
  • Climate Justice
  • Adaptation


The Widespread Workforce Disruptions spotlight provides critical data to make informed decisions for targeting geographically explicit adaptation for the agricultural workforce. Use this Observable Notebook data tool to:

  • Visualize the size of the African agricultural workforce today and in the future based on projected economic and social development trajectories
  • Identify the heat stress exposure to different geographies under different climate projections against a baseline
  • Assess the proportion of the hours during growing season that will surpass safe working conditions for different populations

Interactive Preview — Lost Hours

Identify the loss of workforce hours due to climate change to direct urgently needed adaptation actions to maintain labour productivity.

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