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Let’s Strengthen Adaptation Programming Together

At the heart of the Africa Agriculture Adaptation Atlas is a foundational belief: none of us are smarter than all of us. Rooted in the diverse experiences and expertise of the climate, agriculture, research, and development communities, we aim to aggregate and amplify the most impactful data and insights to foster effective climate adaptation strategies across Africa. Building the community is a pathway to facilitate a seamless connection between those possessing valuable data and insights and the decision-makers seeking answers to their critical questions.

Get Involved page, Featured Image: Three men walking on agricultural fields in Ethiopia

How to Contribute

We are always looking for new information to incorporate into the Atlas, new questions to answer, and feedback on how we can do better, please contact us. There are multiple ways to get involved: Create a Spotlight to be hosted on the Atlas, Fork Spin-off Spotlights and adapt them using your own data or modifying them to answer your questions.

Create a Data Spotlight

We call our interactive narratives with data visualizations Spotlights. These are topic-based investigations into a specific aspect of climate adaptation, aiming to communicate concepts and provide visitors with information to make real-world adaptation decisions. They are made in Observable, a collaborative platform for data exploration and visualization.

Have an idea for a Spotlight of your own? Try making one, following our Spotlight Guidelines. Or if you just have an idea or data that can bring information to a key decision but need help putting it into practice, our team might be able to help. Let us know, and we can discuss incorporating it into the Atlas!

Get Involved page, Featured Image: Man showing gorilla bean harvest in DR Congo

Create your own Spin-offs

We used Observable specifically to make it easier to reuse and adapt our work. If you like the data story and look of a Spotlight but want to use your own data, Fork our Spotlights directly from the Observable site and use it as a template inserting your own data. If you want to make your own Atlas website, we’re happy to share the Atlas’ codebase. Please reach out to us to learn about the process we used.

Use our Data

All of the data used in the Atlas is available through our online SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog (STAC). Download part or all based on your needs. Data used to make specific visualizations can be downloaded directly from the Observable page, look for the paperclip ‘file attachments’ in the top right of the browser window.

Stay in the Know

Interested in what we’re doing with the Atlas but don’t have anything specific to add just yet? Request to be put on our mailing list to stay up to date with what we’re working on. We would love to hear if anything catches your interest.

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